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Our Team


Mike Pallett

With a proven track record in real estate spanning Montana and Arizona, Owner/Broker Mike Pallett began his journey by clinching the Rookie of the Year title in his inaugural year. Since then, he has consistently earned numerous multi-million-dollar producer awards, demonstrating his prowess in the industry. Mike's success extends beyond real estate, as he has been a prosperous business owner and held upper management positions in the Case equipment industry. Testimonials from his clients speak volumes about his unwavering dedication.

Having grown up in Lewistown, Mike considers himself blessed to return to the Heart of Montana. His leisure activities include walking his chocolate labs, enjoying motorcycle rides, and spending quality time with his children and grandchildren.

Mike is known for his exceptional client service, promptly answering phone calls, returning emails, and maintaining a full-time commitment, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate his clients' schedules. As a dedicated professional REALTOR®, he invests wholeheartedly in delivering excellence and actively accepts referrals from other REALTORS® while fostering connections with agents nationwide.


Cheri Pallett

After enjoying a fulfilling career in education, Cheri enthusiastically embarked on a second professional journey in real estate, practicing in both Montana and Texas. She holds the prestigious designations of Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) and Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®), showcasing her commitment to excellence in the field.

Within the team, Cheri serves as the Transaction Coordinator, taking charge of direct communication with lenders and title companies, as well as managing all paperwork. This strategic role allows the other agents more time to focus on personally attending to listing and showing homes, negotiating on behalf of clients, and staying abreast of the current market trends.

Cheri's roots in Montana run deep, as she grew up in the state and resided in Lewistown in 1986 when she and Mike were newlyweds. Her pastime pleasures include horseback riding, playing with her grandchildren, and cherishing moments with her family. Recognizing Central Montana as a magical place to live, Cheri holds the people in the community in high regard, finding them truly amazing.


Gidget Sannar

Gidget Sannar, a dedicated REALTOR® at High Country Realty, prioritizes your needs with unwavering commitment. Renowned for her honesty, trustworthiness, and dependability, she ensures the successful completion of tasks while delivering unparalleled customer service. Gidget holds the Military Relocation Professional (MRP®) designation, showcasing her expertise in assisting military personnel and their families with real estate needs.

Having relocated to Lewistown from northeast Oregon three years ago, Gidget brings a strong work ethic instilled in her from growing up on a ranch. Her love for the outdoors is evident through hobbies like archery elk hunting and ice fishing on Fort Peck, reflecting her appreciation for the diverse recreational opportunities in Central Montana.

With over two decades of marriage, Gidget and her husband have established a family in Lewistown. Their son attends Fergus High School, while their daughter, recently graduated as Valedictorian in 2022 from FHS, is pursuing nursing at Texas Christian University. Gidget's professional background includes roles as a Dental Assistant, Para-Professional, and K-12 Library Administrator.

Gidget's commitment to earning your trust is evident in her reliable responsiveness to phone calls, responsible follow-up on required information, and hardworking approach to providing exceptional customer service. Whether you're looking to sell your current home or property or purchase a new home, vacation home, investment property, or vacant lot, Gidget is enthusiastic about assisting you in achieving your real estate goals.


Lynn Butcher

Lynn Butcher embarks on an exciting new chapter with High Country Realty, bringing over three years of experience and a lifelong love for the Lewistown area.

Nestled on a ranch outside Lewistown for over 37 years, Lynn's passion for homes started young. Inspired by generations of homesteading family, she moved to Lewistown in 1986, fueled by their cherished stories. Homes, to Lynn, are more than just structures; they embody dreams and hold intimate stories. This belief, evident since her childhood Lego and Lincoln Log constructions, led her to help her father with home additions.

Following a stint in teaching, Lynn pursued her true calling: homes. Witnessing the transformative power of renovations on homeowners cemented her desire to help others on a larger scale. In 2007, Lynn designed and built her first spec home, witnessing the magic of transforming paper dreams into brick-and-mortar reality.

Passionate about revitalization, Lynn tackled a 1916 Main Street fixer-upper, a four-year project that saw 22,000 pounds of waste transformed into a cherished home. This hands-on experience fueled her desire to help others find their own special spaces.

As a real estate agent, Lynn enjoys connecting with clients and turning transactions into friendships. Her ranch experience equips her to understand the needs of ranch property seekers, while her comfortable familiarity with smaller land transactions makes her a versatile resource.

If you haven't met Lynn yet, prepare to be swept up by her infectious enthusiasm for finding the perfect home or property to match your goals. Her background in interior design allows her to envision transformations and connect you with professionals who can help make them a reality.

Let Lynn guide you on your journey to finding your own HOME, a space that reflects your dreams and aspirations.


Adrienna DeCock

Adrienna DeCock, along with her husband, relocated their family to Lewistown a decade ago from Ronan, MT. Originally hailing from Huntley Project, MT, they have a deep appreciation for residing in smaller communities within the state. The couple was drawn to Lewistown by teaching opportunities, leading Adrienna to spend the past nine years as a High School Science instructor at Fergus High School. Additionally, she has dedicated six years to serving as the Head Volleyball Coach for the Golden Eagles.

While Adrienna finds fulfillment in teaching science and engaging with the youth of the community, she is also excited about venturing into the real estate realm to assist families in discovering their ideal homes in the heart of Central Montana.

Adrienna's passion for real estate blossomed when she and her husband purchased their first home, embarking on a journey of renovation and personalization while starting their family. In 2019, they sold that home and delved into the challenging experience of flipping an entire house, transitioning from a four-bedroom, two-bath residence to a two-bedroom, one-bath house. Unexpectedly, the global pandemic hit, and Adrienna found herself simultaneously teaching from her dining room, raising two children, and renovating a home. Despite the challenges, she reflects on that time with fondness, acknowledging that she wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

Residing in a remarkable area, Adrienna and her family embrace the diverse opportunities it offers, from camping in the mountains to lakeside retreats, making the most of the scenic beauty. They strive to enjoy these activities during the brief summers, balancing them with coaching responsibilities and their children's extracurricular pursuits.


Rick Vaughn

After almost three decades of dedicated public service in law enforcement, Rick Vaughn retired from the position of Fergus County Sheriff on December 31, 2022. Throughout his lengthy career, he maintained the highest standards, emphasizing honesty and integrity as fundamental virtues that remain deeply ingrained in him. Having thoroughly enjoyed his career of serving and protecting, Rick sought to continue working in a public setting post-retirement, and becoming a real estate agent emerged as the perfect avenue to continue assisting individuals in achieving their goals.

For Rick, the significance of property ownership extends beyond mere possession. Whether it involves a family home, a mountain getaway, or a business venture, property holds a crucial role in shaping individuals' identities. Reflecting on his own experience of pride and accomplishment when purchasing his first home with his wife, Rick understands the profound emotions tied to property ownership. Sharing these sentiments with clients and helping them realize their dreams brings him immense satisfaction.

Lewistown holds a special place in Rick's heart as his hometown, where he has been fortunate to raise a family and revel in the offerings of this community. Motivated by a desire to share this unique experience with others, Rick aims to contribute to making and preserving Lewistown as the exceptional place it is.

Rick brings extensive knowledge of the local area, particularly in hunting and recreation, offering valuable insights to those seeking properties suited for outdoor enthusiasts. His passion for preserving the natural beauty of Lewistown makes him an ideal guide for individuals looking not just for a property, but for a lifestyle intertwined with the scenic surroundings of his hometown. 

 Rick is eager to continue being a part of Lewistown's growth and charm. He extends an invitation to others, offering assistance in experiencing the remarkable community that has been integral to his life.

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